TAC Balance Taper Fly Line
TAC Balance Taper Fly Line
TAC Balance Taper Fly Line
TAC Balance Taper Fly Line

TAC Balance Taper Fly Line

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The Angling Company Balance Taper Fly Line

Made in the USA

Heavy lines can be a joy at short distances. They load the rod fast and get enough weight out to work with quickly. Their problem lies outside of 50 feet: when you start to sling a bunch of weight at the end of a long cast. It doesn't stop when the loop unfurls, kicking slackly out to one side and making things harder than they ever should be. Light lines are the opposite : at longer distances they come alive, though with a close shot or on your way to a longer cast they can feel impossible.

This line was extensively prototyped and exhaustively fished with one thing in mind: get the proper amount of weight in the right places. We're looking for balance, not one benefit at another expense. We live and fish in the Florida Keys, and we have developed a fly line that we feel works exceedingly well in the environment here. We have enough experience to know that a day might bring with it any amount of wind, and the fish might be close or far.

We wanted to make a line that would work as effortlessly as we could make it. Our goal was balance, and when you throw this line we think you will feel it. We've also taken into account what we think of as an unconscious slowing of the higher rod weights. A fast-action 8 is a sports car, a fast action 12 can be a telephone pole. Knowing this, we feel that many of the heavier rods are slowed a bit so they retain feel. We've removed a minimal amount of weight from the higher rod weights to keep things feeling fresh and throwable throughout the family of lines.


Target grain weights for the first 30' of line in each weight is as follows:







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